The Forest is now occupying an old job centre on castle terrace. This site forms part of Argyle House.

We have been granted a licence to occupy 3 floors of this old office block. A former job centre, it still sports some of the original fixtures and fittings. We will use it as is, we may adapt some areas to our needs, we will need help in doing this, you can help if you like. We also have access to a commercial kitchen and hope to develop this for the use of The Forest and other interested community groups. If you want to help in any way contact us.

We also have space for free meeting rooms and workshops. If you would like to talk with your not-for-profit organisation, run a free workshop, language class, cultural exchange we may well be able to help. Forest believes community does not have to mean pastel green and clip art, although the wall colour of ForestCentre+ is such and here is some, okay maybe not.

The aim is to use the centre to house ART. This will be in the form of events workshops and facilities

There is space, a vast cavity of a space, it needs filling. Space to further your artistic practice, space to run workshops, space to hold meetings, space to show art, space to practise music. There is the potential for darkrooms, music rehearsal space, printing rooms and your wildest dreams, if your wildest dreams included creating ART in a 1960's office block. We hope to house an ART gallery, hold workshops, run a series of artist-led symposia, put on some gigs and show you some theatre.

We already have some equipment that we used when we were at our old home on Bristo Place. This includes a selection of photographic enlargers, dark room essentials and silkscreen printing equipment. Also we have a large collection of drum kits and PA equipment that can be turned into a music rehearsal space. All of this is in need of some TLC and we need people to help set up these facilities: do you want to help? Email us on

The members of ForestCentre+ will contribute to the provision of the Facilities: this could mean you.

As a member, you can use the space to further your artistic practice, develop facilities and run workshops. Unlike a traditional studio rental, members will be expected to contribute to the aims of The Forest. These aims are to advance access to art and cultural activities. The form of the contribution will be up to the members to decide. We hope they decide something that excites them.

There is a small yearly joining fee to become a part of ForestCentre+. Once you become a member then you can choose your level of involvement. There is a monthly membership that entitles you to use a specific size of space to further your practice and involves a higher level of commitment. There will be a membership for people who want to use space to deliver workshops, classes and space for rehearsals. This can be of any duration and frequency. There is also a membership for people who would like to use a specific facility.

If you want to find us we are here. We are here waiting to field your enquiry and fill out your dole form.

Come and be interviewed in one of our custom booths. We will ask you questions, we will make you mad with pedantry and bureaucracy until finally you are in past the waiting room, through the holding tank and free to run unbound in the belly of an old empty office.

Of course the forest always needs volunteers to help us steer the ship. Just email There will be plenty to get involved with; from setting up facilities, running the artists object scheme, helping to curate the gallery, organising events, cataloguing the museum of found obsolescence, supporting resident artists, painting and building walls and of course helping to cook tasty vegetarian food.