Forest Centre Plus is an artist run studio and cross-platform arts production space based in the centre of Edinburgh. We are based in a 60’s office block just south of the castle and currently house over 100 artists working across various contemporary art practices.

In addition to members working studios, our large space offers rooms for artists and creative community projects to utilize for rehearsals, projects, workshops and meetings. The rooms suit a variety of uses ranging from theatre, installation and live art to dance, improv, written and spoken word performance workshops, as well as specialized art and music workshops and other such activities. .

Apart from short term project-based and educational uses, our complex includes space for artists looking to develop a specific project over a longer period of time. If you have such a project in planning, you can contact us at, and we can see how you might be able to bring your ideas into the space.

We also have various facilities that are currently in development that can be used by our members and the larger community alike. These include darkroom and printmaking facilities. If you are keen on, or have experience in running and setting up artist facilities, please feel free to contact us at and join our project.

InterviewRoom11 is our artist-led gallery space. It is accessed through an old interview booth in the former DSS offices. IR 11 has a full program of exhibitions and curatorial projects, for more information, including exhibitions and the application process is available at | IR11 |